How long can a seamless hair extension last and how should it be cleaned and maintained are all important questions

Women who are concerned with their appearance have higher expectations for their hairstyles, and new hairstyles are constantly being introduced

Women who are concerned with their appearance have higher expectations for their hairstyles, and new hairstyles are constantly being introduced. In terms of services, the most frequently requested are ion perming and air perming, as well as coloring and highlighting. On the other hand, if you have short hair and want to grow it out into long hair, you will need to use hair extensions. Seamless hair extensions, in particular, have become extremely popular among beauty-conscious women due to their docile and comfortable fitting characteristics. So, do you think your seamless hair extensions will last you for a long period of time? What should you do in the event that it occurs again?

Can you tell me how long you expect seamless hair extensions to last?

The fact that seamless hair extensions are lightweight and thin, that the hair is evenly distributed throughout, and that they do not cause a foreign body sensation while sleeping are all significant advantages. The seamless hair extension is only 0.5mm thick, and the bonding between the two pieces is less than one millimeter thick. The seamless hair extension is made of human hair. Considering that the material is somewhat pliable, it can typically be used for four months before needing to be replaced. It can last for up to 5-6 months buy virgin hair if taken care of properly. The ability to disassemble and reassemble after a few months of operation makes it extremely convenient.

Instructions on how to apply seamless hair extensions to your hair


After you have layered the hair, pick up several strands of hair with a pointed-tail comb, peel off the adhesion layer of piece A, place the adhesive side up 5-10cm from the root of the hair, glue the hair, and then place piece B on top of the hair. Peeling away the sheet's adhesive layer revealed adhesive on the sheet's bottom surface, which was used to align the two sheets that had previously overlapped. Following the adhesion of the two sheets A and B, press the two sheets A and B together from left to right to ensure that the two sheets are securely bonded together. It makes no difference whether or not this piece is accepted.

How to wash your hair without leaving a trace (with pictures)

Make sure to comb the hair from top to bottom before shampooing it, taking care not to let the comb come into contact with the hair extension position. Whenever you are shampooing, avoid rubbing or rubbing the area where the hair extensions are attached with your fingers. To ensure that there is no conditioner residue left in your hair after using the sauna for an extended period of time, make sure to wash your hair for more than one minute and to thoroughly rinse it from top to bottom. Using blow dryers, curling irons, and other similar items to finish drying your hair is completely optional once it is almost completely dry. It is important to avoid blowing directly into the extension when using a hair dryer and curling your hair because this may cause the extension to lose its long-lasting firmness. Keeping your hair in a small bun braided together is the best style to wear while sleeping. When you're swimming, make a bun or braid out of your hair.

It is critical to keep seamless hair extensions in good condition on a regular basis.

1. The seamless hair extensions require regular spa maintenance in addition to the regular maintenance required by the rest of the hair.

As soon as you have finished washing the seamless hair extension piece with moisturizing shampoo, soak it briefly in cold water, change the water, drop 2 drops of shampoo into the water, stir well with your hands, and soak it for a couple of minutes longer, before placing it somewhere with good ventilation to dry naturally.

The seamless hair extension should be washed and protected in a circular motion rather than rubbing it hard when washing and protecting it.

When you first apply the shampoo, lather it up in the palm of your hand and distribute it evenly throughout your hair, stroking it best wig companies gently from root to tip. Keep in mind that bending over to wash your hair makes it easier to get a lot of shampoo stuck to the interface, and if there is too much residue, the interface will come off.

3. Using conditioner on the seamless hair extensions in the same way that you would on your own hair is recommended.


Hair extensions are made of human hair, and using conditioner will make the hair smoother, more shiny, and less prone to tangling when worn for an extended period of time. Hair extensions are made of human hair.

Using a dry towel to absorb any excess moisture after you have finished shampooing will help to prevent odors.

Afterwards, the hair extension is divided into two sections and combed through each section after the moisture has been absorbed completely. Using a dry towel, gently wrap the hair and press it to remove any excess moisture. It is best to prepare a large-toothed comb; however, do not comb all the way through; instead, use the other hand to cooperate, grasping the connecting part to comb the hair out of the way

5. After the hair extension has been removed, avoid combing the hair vigorously to avoid damaging it.

It is possible to smooth out the hair after it has been blown by the wind using a smoothing spray and comb it with your fingers after spraying it with the product.

Preparation is critical; the wig should be combed before use and again after it has been removed from the wig cap to ensure proper fit. A sparse comb is preferred when combing wigs; wigs cannot be combed with wooden or plastic combs, but must be combed with a special steel comb, also known as an iron comb, which is made specifically for wigs. Consequently, there will be no static electricity generated when combing the wig; instead of straight combing, the oblique combing method should be used, and the action should be light when combing the wig.

Those seeking authenticity while also seeking an affordable real hair and synthetic filament braided wig should consider a full human hair wig, which can be integrated with your own hair with high fidelity but is more expensive, typically exceeding 1,000 yuan. Those seeking authenticity while also seeking an affordable real hair and synthetic filament braided wig should consider a full human hair wig.

In terms of wig color, wigs with reddish and very soft colors wig companies such as light brown red and light brown can be chosen for white skin tones, which makes the face appear rosy and shiny; darker wigs such as natural black and light brown can be chosen for yellow skin tones, which makes the face appear rosy and shiny. Because of this, even though the color system is excellent, the whitening effect is not; therefore, if you have a dark skin tone, you can choose wigs that are natural black or brownish yellow, among other colors, to better match the color of your skin tone.

In addition, the style of the wig should be chosen to enhance the wearer's facial features. When styling a long face, medium and long wavy curls, as well as wigs with bangs, can visually shorten the face shape; when styling a round face, opt for BOBO head wigs with more hair on the top of the head, which can visually thin your face; and when styling a square face, opt for fluffy and slightly curly short hair with the chin, as well as a wig with slanted bangs, which can visually thin your face. 


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